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The Great Cholesterol Lie

“You’re About to Discover

What Causes Heart Disease

…And, It’s NOT Cholesterol!”


  • Why Everything You Learned About Cholesterol Is A Lie, How It Began in 1948 And Why It Continues… Pages 19-29.
  • Why Statin Medications Will Not Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease, And What Will… Pages 40-56.
  • The One Common Denominator Dr. Lundell Saw In Over 5,000 Patients-Inflammation, And How To Put The Fire Out… Pages 63-79.
  • Extraordinary Simple Steps That Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease Without Medication… Pages 81-96.

Before You Start Taking, Or If You Are Taking Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Mevacor, Provachol, Altocor, Lesacol… or any other statin medication - STOP!!

You Need To Read Dr. Lundell’s Alarming Bulletin Immediately, Because…

Dropping Your Cholesterol Levels Will NOT Lower

Your Risk Of Heart Disease, Attack, Or Strokes!


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